Our mission

Zuidberg Steelservice produces and sells customer-specific steel components and assemblies made from bar material, sheet material, forged and/or cast parts. We supply these products to machine manufacturers in Europe and semi-product producers in the Netherlands. 

Our vision

  • We are seeing a growing trend in larger OEMs starting to design, sell and assemble their own end products and they are buying-in the steel components and/or assemblies needed for this more often. We want to be our customers’ one-stop-shopping partner for these products. We are striving to build a closer relationship with our customers and when needed becoming proactively engaged in the design and the processes with the aim of improving the quality of the end product and reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers. 
  • We work in a customer-oriented way and deliver our products at the agreed time and with the agreed level of quality.
  • We want to be known as a high-tech production company with a high level of existing knowledge of metal processing and surface treatments.

Machining sheet metal and manufacturing steel components.


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