Our mission

Zuidberg Transmissions designs, produces and sells transmissions for applications other than front PTOs for tractors. Zuidberg Transmissions’ products are supplied to OEMs of mobile machines in particular, engine or transmission producers and technical commercial companies across the globe.

Our vision

  • The need for innovative solutions to reducing fuel, weight and volume in drive systems will increase annually. We are striving for annual growth with the development and production of high-end, switchable and continuous various transmissions for mobile machines.
  • We work in a customer-oriented way and deliver our products at the agreed time and with the agreed level of quality.
  • We want to be known as a high-tech production company with its own engineering department where the knowledge level and the competency is so high that we are a good discussion partner for major OEMs or design agencies for co-engineering projects in the field of transmission technology.
Specific transmissions

Zuidberg Transmissions is specialised in the development and production of (customer-specific) transmissions. In addition to the customer-specific transmissions we also have an extensive range of standard transmissions: Reduction gearboxes, Under load switchable gearboxes, Planetary gearboxes, Multi stage gearboxes, Powershift gearboxes

Drive solutions for a large number of sectors,

customer-specific transmissions for various applications




Rail en Infrastructure





All disciplines regarding Development, Production, Sales and Services are present under one roof, allowing us to achieve short lead times and production times. Zuidberg has state-of-the-art computerised machinery with computerisation being the key word. Partly because of this, we can guarantee a constantly high and assured quality level.

Our machining facility consists of very modern computer controlled and robot loaded lathes , several horizontal machining centres, robot loaded gear hobbing and gear shaping machines and robot loaded grinding machines. With our gear hobbing machines we can manufacture gears up to module 8 (straight or helical) and with our gear shaping machine we can manufacture gears up to module 6. With our grinding machines we can grind shafts and gears.


Best possible solution through co-engineering

Zuidberg Transmissions has its own development department where our engineers develop the most optimal solution for and with you. (Co-engineering). Our development department has advanced software in order to make gearwheel and bearing calculations or for example strength analysis of the gearbox housings. We design with the most modern 3D CAD software and have several test facilities, allowing us to perform the whole process of design and testing in house.

Short lead time due to close collaboration
In the design process we commit ourselves to a close co-operation with our customers. Our philosophy is to have the communication lines as short as possible and to let the engineers of both parties communicate directly with each other. Experience teaches us that project lead times are reduced and that the final product can be realized quicker, with the required quality and with the correct specifications. We develop customer specific or custom transmissions and drive solutions for batch sizes starting at 50 units per year.

Low cost price
Our engineers work closely with you on the solution that comes closest to your wishes. By using the best components from our range, we can quickly and efficiently provide you with the solution for your specific application.


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