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Co-operation and future-proofing fields: Partner Event 2018

On Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th of November, Zuidberg organised an inspiring and unifying event for her resellers of Frontline Systems and Tracks. This two-day event was centred around co-operation and the future-proof crop fields.

Knowledge of the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, Zuidberg delivers her products directly to agricultural dealerships. Outside these countries we make use of our network of importers. These importers will in turn resell Zuidberg products to their local agricultural dealerships.

As the second-biggest exporter of agricultural products, the Netherlands has a highly developed agricultural sector. That brings a set of advantages, but also disadvantages. The amount of knowledge en capability in Dutch agriculture is staggering; researchers, technicians and gene-editing firms help the farmer to increase efficiency. The disadvantage is that new obstacles arise because of  constant upscaling en expansion. During the event, our visitors got informed about these developments. Zuidberg also presented her solutions to some of these obstacles. 

Tours & Workshops

The event kicked off with a short presentation of our managing director Jeroen Zuidberg, followed by a guided tour where we showed our developments in production. Many of our partners got their first look at our track-manufacturing facility. Also, our steel manufacturing factory is housing a lot of new machinery as since their last visit. Afterwards, the guests took part in our product workshops. With these workshops, Zuidberg informed on the development and practical applications of Zuidberg products like the override protection, our new series for front linkages, improvements in our PTO-systems and  our range of tracks.


Other highlights of our Partner Event were the seminars from Dr. Ir. Gera van Os (Aeres University of Applied Sciences) and Ir. Jan van den Akker (Wageningen University & Research). Gera van Os gave an inspiring and moving presentation on the long-term hazards for (crop)fields. Key elements of her presentation included biodiversity, drainage, fertilization and soil compaction.

Following up Gera, Jan presented the most important findings in his specialised research on soil compaction. For example, he explained what heavy machinery does to fields and the advantage of tracks over tyres.

Corporate identity

The Zuidberg Partner Event marked the official start of our new corporate identity. The event was fully decorated in the new Zuidberg design. Visitors also received samples of new merchandise, like caps, pencils, brochures, calendars and flags.


Our foreign importers as well as or local agricultural dealerships responded with great enthusiasm. This event marks a new start in cooperation between the Zuidberg and its aftersales distributors. We are very pleased to have such a motivated group of partners.

Zuidberg hereby wants to thank all participants for their visit.

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