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Winter applications in North-America

Snowmobile trails through the ancient forests and mountains are maintained by tractors with snow ploughs and groomers


Winter applications in the USA

Although track systems are used more and more in North-American agriculture, the usage of a front hitch is not as popular as in Europe yet. We decided to shine some light on another application: snow removal. 

Land of the free

Five years ago Zuidberg started her North-American sales counterpart in the American Mid-West. From here we deliver to agricultural dealers and manufacturers in the US, but also to our importers in Canada and Mexico.

On the border region with Canada, snowfall in winters can range from 100 to 360(!) centimetres of snow. Luckily, there are several snow removal techniques for keeping the roads as clean as possible.

Municipal work

The easiest thing to do is to attach a snowblade to the fronthitch. If want to avoid creating snowpiles, a snowblower on your fronthitch would be preferable.

Heavy work like this demands a durable and trustable fronthitch. With the help of a push bar underneath your vehicle and an additional ‘Heavy Duty’ bar between your lift arms, you ensure your vehicle against unnecessary protection.

  Sneeuwschuiven snow removal blade fronthitch New Holland    
A Kubota 7060 equipped with a Normand snowwblower in North-Dakota.
New holland in the streets of Quebec, Canada.

Snowmobile trails

When the first snow falls in the ‘Mid-West’, the Americans change their quadbikes to snowmobiles. Volunteers from snowmobile associations roll up their sleeves to maintain safe trails throughout the ancient forests and mountains for both hobbyists and tourists.

The last thing they want is unexpected situations where tourists gets lost halfway through the trail, or worse, get in an accident. Volunteers at Alger County SORVA put in their efforts to keep the trails safe in Alger County, Michigan.

But their old tractor wasn’t much to work with. The volunteers had to sit in a vibrating cabin for hours on end while grooming. In this way, the job that was supposed to be fun turned into a uncomfortable chore.

Working comfortably again

This was a reason to switch their old tractor to a brand new John Deere 6175R with heavy duty fronthitch, a push bar and a set of Zuidberg F-frame tracks for the snowmobile association.

Equipped with a snow plough or “blade” and a snow groomer at the back, the tractor can is fit to shape the total of 160 km (about 100 miles) of snowmobile trails into perfect condition.

We wish them good luck and happy grooming for as long as it still lasts.

Last year we also put blue colours on tracks. See here.



John Deere 6175R is being delivered to Alger County S.O.R.V.A.


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