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Increased production capacity by expanding personnel & machinery

Increased production capacity by expanding personnel & machinery

Zuidberg continually works on providing innovative solutions to deliver better products as well as improve production processes. Because of an increased demand for Zuidberg products, we chose to further expand our facilities. The result is a higher production capacity and shorter delivery time.


For many companies in the Netherlands, 2018 proved to be a difficult year for attracting practically schooled personnel. Zuidberg decided this was a reason to reach out to potential Zuidberg-employees in a new and stimulating way.

On the 7th of July, Zuidberg hosted its own Zuidberg Career Event. Because of the build-up to the event with both online and offline promotional tools, we ensured that over 300 potential employees paid our event a visit.  The event was organised on our business park, where we provided the visitor multiple tours throughout the company. The tour ended at the workplace for the vacancy.

We were happy to welcome 14 visiting applicants as our employees. They are right now fulfilling jobs like paint line assistant, CNC machine operator or PTO mechanic. The first four hired employees also received an E-bike in a promotional action.

Impact of new machinery on production

Zuidberg invested in the machinery of several departments over the course of 2018.

In January, we invested in a Reishauer RZ410 gear grinding machine. This machine grinds hardened gearwheels and is able to measure products, thanks to its internal measuring sensors. This offers efficiency in both grinding and measuring.

In February, we invested in two new Okuma processing machines . These machines are fit for de processing of smaller components on multi-surface operations. Zuidberg now has four Okuma’s which are being used at the turnery department.

In this same month, we invested in 100-tonnes Safan hybrid press brakes for Zuidberg Staalservice. These compact machines are used for setting small, thick and complex metal components. When compared to traditional hydraulic press brakes, this gives a considerable increase in the press capacity per available bending length.

Next to these machines, Zuidberg added four welding boxes, a quality-check facility, a lasercutter and a Kardex automated storage sytem to her machinery.

The result of this investment is a the possibility to produce a higher amount of products while simultaneously smoothening the work processes in gearing, metal cutting and welding.

Effect in 2019

Because of the added capacity of personnel as well as processing machines we expect the capacity of our welding department and PTO assembly to increase by an additional 10 percent. The added personnel only, increases our paint line’s capacity with an additional 15 percent.

Are you interested to know what possibilities Zuidberg can offer to manufacturers? Get into contact with our account managers Sake Barkhuis (Agriculture), Ivan van der Vegte (Industrial) or Martin Kalter (Transmissions).


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03/26/2019 New front linkage for John Deere 5000 E -series (TIER 4 INTERIM) New front linkage for John Deere 5000 E -series (TIER 4 INTERIM)
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