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Since 1982 the Zuidberg Frontline Systems product group has been manufacturing front linkage systems and metal-related products for leading manufacturers and market leaders in the agricultural sector. Obviously, we did not reach this position just like that.

We know better than anyone how to manufacture products, how to machine sheet metal and how to assemble steel components. Its large production capacity and its state-of-the-art computerised production equipment allow Zuidberg Staalservice to cut, bend, roll, weld, machine, blast, coat and fully assemble steel, both efficiently and flexibly.




Guaranteed quality

Zuidberg has various certificates proving that our production process is guaranteed and the quality of our products is consistent.

Our company has a certificate for re-certification 3.1/3.2 in accordance with EN 10204:2004 from Lloyd’s Register Nederland BV. This certificate implies that our procedures can guarantee use of certified materials and that we are authorised to copy the certifications on the parts for which this is deemed necessary.

ISO 9001-2008
The standard requirements for ISO 9001-2008 certification are always aimed at continuous improvement of the production process. The basic assumptions for certification are: risk assessment within processes, corrective/preventative measures and the effectiveness of the measures taken.


Every discipline under one roof

Apart from cutting steel, we can machine sheet metal and steel components. The machining ranges from simple drilling to a fully welded, post-treated and preserved structure.

> view the machining of a product here in the new automotive cell


Working method and customised logistics

We machine sheet metal and manufacture steel components, in both small and large series, delivered and packaged according to your wishes. Many customers already use our logistics options and customer-specific working methods.

Example 1: On-call deliveries from stock are a service our customers use, making delivery times relatively short. We also keep our customer informed on the status of their stock. This allows us to maintain a minimum stock with our customer.

Example 2: We can supply and package products according to the customer's wishes. This has many logistical and financial benefits for the customer's production process.

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Machining sheet metal and manufacturing steel components.


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