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T4 95 LP motorkap mod1 - maxresdefault.jpg
T4 95 LP motorkap mod1 - maxresdefault.jpg

New Holland

T4 LP -serie (TIER 4A)

4.80 - 4.90 - 4.100 - 4.110

  • Front linkage can be set to a single-acting, double-acting and transport position with the multi-valve supplied as standard
  • Includes removable linkage arms with a transport, fixed and oscillation setting
  • Front linkage is supplied with a top link, balls and towing hook
  • Output shaft can always be rotated over 60 degrees for maximum ease of connection
  • PTO clutch engagement time variable to ensure smooth engagement

Front linkages

Lift capacity
Hooks category
Width category
18 kN 2 2

Front PTOs

Rotational speed (rpm)
Vertical offset (mm)
Direction of rotation
1000 6 134 CCW