New assembly line for front PTO

Zuidberg in Ens has taken an innovative assembly line for the front PTO into use. It combines an increased production capacity with an even higher quality level.

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

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Agriculture 2030: automated tractors on tracks

Meet the John Deere Joker: an autonomous, electric, single axle tractor concept.

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February 1982, the official founding month of Zuidberg. Now, 40 years later, we are launching our anniversary year with a special video message from our management team.

Zuidberg cycling

5 March 2022

How a cycling group contributes to collegial cooperation within the Zuidberg Group of Companies.

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The gears of . . .

17 March 2022

What important role has the gearing department played in Zuidberg's growth and development? 

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BEMU & Zuidberg

24 March 2022

Cooperation between BEMU and Zuidberg goes back years: "We can trust each other blindly".

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Zuidberg bending . . .

31 March 2022

With seventeen press brakes, Zuidberg’s bending department is one of the largest in the Netherlands.

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HB & Zuidberg

7 April 2022

Thanks to importer HB - 'modest in its approach, decisive in its solution' - Zuidberg is also well known in France

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German colleagues . . .

14 April 2022

“The great thing about Zuidberg is that it is a family business. You are really seen as an individual here and everything is negotiable. ”

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Jeroen, Henk & . . .

12 May 2022

Jeroen Zuidberg took over his father's company in 2004: 'We thoroughly investigated all the possibilities'.

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Acquisition . . .

17 May 2022

Zuidberg took a leap of faith in the development of tracks: We have fully implemented our quality standard'.

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Our Story

25 May 2022

2022, we are almost halfway through our 40th anniversary year. An excellent opportunity to share our renewed corporate strategy.

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Zuidberg Staff . . .

2 June 2022

With the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ the staff association organises unforgettable outings and evening parties

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Zuidberg North . . .

9 June 2022

Zuidberg North America has grown enormously in a few short years: ‘And we are just getting started’

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16 June 2022

A cheerful note, a listening ear and disarmingly honest: for Marietje van den Belt it was party time every day at Zuidberg.

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Founding of Zuidberg

23 June 2022

How Henk Zuidberg developed a front linkage for his brother Wim, that marked the beginning of forty years of Zuidberg

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Acquisition of . . .

30 June 2022

From Lelystad to Ens: 'At Zuidberg everything is organised and we have our customers a lot more to offer’

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40-year-olds at . . .

7 July 2022

Meet four of our employees who, like Zuidberg, are celebrating their fortieth anniversary this year

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Mowers Ibérica & . . .

20 July 2022

The relationship between Zuidberg and importer Mowers Ibérica goes well beyond a business agreement: ‘We also enjoy a friendship’

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Zuidberg Works . . .

18 August 2022

The Zuidberg Works Council is the voice of the workforce: “Together with the management, we want the best for the company”

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Importers’ Event

5 September 2022

Meet each other, exchange ideas and learn from each other: That's what the bi-annual importers’ event is all about.

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Zuidberg Supply . . .

8 September 2022

‘We all have to face situations beyond our control. The key is finding a good solution.’

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Betty Zuidberg

15 September 2022

‘Without Betty, there’s no Zuidberg’ is a phrase often heard. But founder Henk Zuidberg’s wife sees it differently: ‘Growing is something you do together’.

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Relocation of paint . . .

22 September 2022

In 2007, Zuidberg's paint shop underwent a complete overhaul. “We now have more capacity and the equipment has been significantly updated.”

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The (more than) 40 . . .

29 September 2022

The proportion of women within Zuidberg has been steadily increasing in recent years. There are now 45 women in the workplace.

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Zuidberg welding

6 October 2022

The strength of Zuidberg welding lies in its changeover speed: ‘The system can be converted within fifteen minutes’

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Long time in service

13 October 2022

With more than thirty years of service each, Jans Keizer and Gert Bos have become part of Zuidberg: ‘Zuidberg is my second home’

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Trip to Turkey

20 October 2022

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Zuidberg’s entire staff travelled to Turkey in 2007. It was an unforgettable trip.

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Zuidberg HR

3 November 2022

From human resources to strategic HR department: ‘There is now a great team we can build on’

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The Perron038 . . .

10 November 2022

At the regional innovation centre, Perron038, Zuidberg and other high-tech companies work with students on innovative projects

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Research & . . .

17 November 2022

Field research, calculations and virtual simulations: the R&I Department assures customers of a reliable, durable product

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Zuidberg and OEM’ers

24 November 2022

The relationship between Zuidberg and OEMs goes beyond that of a supplier and customer: “We invest in lasting partnerships”

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Zuidberg . . .

24 November 2022

Zuidberg designs and produces custom-made transmission systems: "We provide solutions to drive issues that others cannot resolve"

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Flexible in tough . . .

8 December 2022

“In tough economic times, everyone looks at their own household budgets. At Zuidberg, we never had to worry about that.”

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Zuidberg's new PTO . . .

15 December 2022

Zuidberg's new PTO line takes the whole business to the next level. ‘The system forces the entire organisation to deliver quality.’

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High-profile . . .

22 December 2022

At Zuidberg, high-profile innovations follow each other in rapid succession: ‘We have all the technology and knowledge to meet future demands too’

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Ζuidberg and . . .

5 January 2023

Showcasing innovations and maintaining contacts are the main reasons for Zuidberg to participate in exibitions: “We want to showcase our full-service concept”

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Product strategy

12 January 2023

Standing still is not an option, at Zuidberg product development proceeds continuously: “Are we falling behind? Then we put the pedal to the metal.”

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Quality Management

17 January 2023

Reliability and repeatability are the two most important core values in Quality Management. “But safety always comes first.”

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Special Products

19 January 2023

Zuidberg never backs down from a challenge, which has already resulted in many surprising products. “You can only come up with those by thinking outside the box.”

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Learning and working . . .

26 January 2023

As a recognised training company, Zuidberg offers students a workplace and close supervision. ‘We offer a pathway to students in whom we see potential.’

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Zuidberg then, now . . .

31 January 2023

Directors, Jeroen, Klaas Jan and Kees discuss how things were, how things are and how things will be in the future. “The most important thing is that people feel at home.”

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Hoeflon reveals 'c30e mini lifting crane at Bauma 2019

Dutch manufacturer Hoeflon’s newest mini lifting crane, the C30e, was revealed at the Bauma exhibition this month in Munich. Zuidberg manufactured all steel components for this prototype.

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Because of the upcoming national holidays in April and May, Zuidberg will be . . .

In the next two years, Zuidberg will further invest in the optimisation of its . . .

Zuidberg Group of Companies has appointed Klaas Jan Bijker as its new Managing . . .

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We have added new products to our assortiment for the John Deere 5000 E -serie . . .

We have added new products to our assortiment for the Valtra A -serie (STAGE 5) . . .

We have added new products to our assortiment for the New Holland T4 F BASSOTTO . . .

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