New assembly line for front PTO

Zuidberg in Ens has taken an innovative assembly line for the front PTO into use. It combines an increased production capacity with an even higher quality level.

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

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Agriculture 2030: automated tractors on tracks

Meet the John Deere Joker: an autonomous, electric, single axle tractor concept.

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Winter stop Zuidberg Group of Companies 2020

The Zuidberg companies will be closed from Friday 25 December 2020 until Monday 4 January 2021. Service support is available to a limited extent.

Emergency service will be available from Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 December. Parts will be dispatched on 30 December if available. Please take this into account with regard to planned orders or (material) requests to our Service Department.

You can reach the service department via our general telephone number: +31 (0)527 - 253 550 or at servicedesk@zuidberg.nl.

We trust that the inconvenience of this business closure will be kept to a minimum when we jointly take precautions to prevent emergencies.

We wish you happy holidays! 

The Zuidberg companies will be closed from Friday 25th of December 2020 untill Monday 4th of January 2021. Please do take this limitation into account for planned orders or request for service support or service parts.

We believe the inconvenience due to the closure of our companies will be limited to a minimum when we co-operate and take precautions to avoid emergencies in this period.

Zuidberg wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year.